Deploying enterprise information system

System implementation

Introduction or if the implementation of enterprise information system to a company is often complex and difficult process to which it must focus not only development and implementation team, but also the sponsor itself, including its employees and collaborators.

We organize training courses and seminars

In Prague and Brno, we organize regular training events for business owners, entrepreneurs, businessmen and all those who want to properly implement the new IS in the enterprise. We provide specialized training for small groups of entrepreneurs, seminars for businesses and workshops on the correct use and efficient work with modern information systems for business.

Thinking about the corporate system?

Thinking about a comprehensive enterprise system, which will gather important company information? Try our system Uniq. It contains a comprehensive CRM and ERP with dozens of modules, extensions and the possibility of linking to other systems and software applications.

Feel free to try Uniq

Many entrepreneurs and businesses still do not believe that we can significantly streamline and simplify many tasks or complex processes while increasing the profitability of the company. They start to believe in the moment, when you listen to our presentation. Once the candidate decides to proceed to further stages across many implementations that are described below.

Setting goals

The basis for the implementation of the information system to the company’s targets. Goals should be transparent and clearly measurable values, which become also your inspiration. Targets but do not take as your expectations. These are mere feelings. Expectations can be fulfilled only if we connect with the objectives set, and if the enterprise information system properly understand.

Conditions in implementation

The information system is necessary to understand and then accept, but equally adapt its changes. The actual implementation is also necessary authority manager. An important role is played by the correct setting of all processes to all users on the system used to it and changed their attitude towards the existing work habits and rules. Once retreat from such things, find that their work gaining in efficiency, profitability and comfort.

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Over 1000 customers

In software development, we have already more than 1000 customers. In 2012 we expanded our activities in Slovakia since 2014, expanding to some systems in other countries of the European Union. Our systems daily proúčtuje several million dollars and be served by hundreds of thousands of end users.

Over 1000 customers
Release 1992

Release 1992

Our company is engaged in developing the treasury, information, inspection, reservations and other systems that are closely related and are linked to learning about the business and the use of information technology. You can find us now on 13 points in the Czech Republic and two Slovak towns.

Team of professionals

In our company we employ more than 50 full-time employees and another 50 external collaborators who are selected according to strict internal rules. We also work with a number of experts and specialists from various fields of business, with which Community Discuss a range of business activities.

Team of professionals