Economy of operation for restaurants and hotels

Economic gastro Audit and Implementation Measures

Have you ever had a growing feeling, that your restaurant or hotel plunges into economic abyss? Sales are still declining and the cost of operating the Contrary grow? Quit once and for all His suffering and stop Disposed of dozens, maybe hundreds of Thousands Even for something That still does not work. Entrust economic problems of your gastronomic enterprise in our hands, and you will not regret it. We are a professional consulting company dealing with a wide range of issues related to gastronomy. Outside the economic gastro Audits and optimisation of catering we Businesses Also mystery shopping, sales support, equipment, efficiency of work and education in the field of gastronomy.

We Increase sales and reduce Costs

The main task of our advisory team During the economic gastro audit will be a Comprehensive inspection of the establishment Entire accounting agenda. This inspection will Provide us with information and knowledge on how to handle Their money, for example, what and how much you buy, what are employee Costs, energy and more. The result of this internal audit will Determine the true economic condition and Its operating profit. On ITS basis, we Provide you with Recommendations on how and what to change in order to reduce Increase Revenues and Operating Costs.

Uncover employment losses

Employment losses are in the field of gastronomy. Also an indispensable factor for a possible economic catastrophe restaurant or hotel. These are classified as losses wanted (intentional) and unwanted. With both options we can find you reliable advice.

Wanted – intentional loss

Wanted employment losses are very often involved in health economics, but of course also to customer dissatisfaction. Among the most common is without a doubt theft and unlawful enrichment, but also artificial extension of working hours, absence or incapacity artificially created.

Unwanted – unintentional loss

Even unintentional loss of employment in the end of may perform fatal to the economy, restaurant or hotel. Among the most frequent include poor work efficiency, ignorance and lack of education personnel, food spoilage, working with outdated technology, employee error, etc.

We are Optimizing the whole gastronomic experience

It ensures success and maximum efficiency while optimising the gastronomic operation is Very Important Synergy Between Us, the owner and operator of the business. Prerequisite The first is to IMPLEMENT the Above-Mentioned gastro audit, based on Which we will reveal a number of economic problems. Once finished gastro audit, May Be Called to Conveni. Crisis Management, in Which professional chefs, chief waiters, catering managers, accountants and Economists. They are supposed to evaluate the economic gastro audit and designing Procedures to Eliminate Problems and Improve optimisation. These Proposals Would Then receive owner and operating the hotel restaurant or in the form of documentation, Which Will Be Explained in detail all of the optimisation phase.

The last phase is the actual Implementation optimisation, i.e the introduction of Proposed Procedures Directly into business operations. In Implementing Measures proposition, we will help you and Become your professional adviser. Also we can take over the Entire complete project supervision.

More information about the operation of the economy

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Headed by Peter Vopátkem

The head of our consulting company stands the famous Czech specialist in gastronomy Petr Vopátek. It was he with you will deal with the economic analysis, employment loss, gastro audit, optimization of operations and other consulting and advisory services. The Qualities of Petra can be read in the his personal profile.

Headed by Peter Vopátkem
We detailisti

We detailisti

IF YOU DECIDE to solve the economic problems of your restaurant, hotel or other premise just with us, you can be sure That we carry out our work honestly, carefull, diligently and in great detail. Detailed analysis is The Essential Prerequisite for Success in detecting economic problems.

Our expertise

In the area of ​​advisory services for gastro operations we have for Experienced Several years. Gastronomy has Become an integral part of our daily work. Indeed we develop specialized systems and applications are designed That Especially for catering operations. Check out the offer to our shop.

Our expertise