Advisory and consultancy for entrepreneurs

In the field of business consulting offering

We have many years experience in business operation of the company, people management. Thanks to this experience we offer business advice and consultation for companies, entrepreneurs, but also for entrepreneurs. For many years we develop a complete enterprise information system covering a huge range of functions for entrepreneurs, through which streamline the running of your business.

What is the goal of counseling

In the business since 1992. During that time, our company has undergone many changes and we made many good decisions, but also the mistakes that we have adequately learned strengthen and gain a huge advantage over the competition. All these experiences are extremely valuable, as they say, “priceless.” Our company is fully open to it, to spread our own know-how on, among other businesses. And that is why we have expanded our company also consulting services for businesses, entrepreneurs and business owners. The aim is therefore to share our experience through advisory consultations.

Frequently consulting services

Provides advice and consultation on a variety of topics relating to business and overall company operations manager or co-operation with other co-workers and business owners. Most often we advise entrepreneurs with these issues:

And consultancy in the field of gastronomy

Given that we develop a comprehensive information solution that contains cash, booking, controlling, storage and video surveillance systems for the facility, we are also from 2013, advice and consultation in this area. Division AWIS Global Systems Ltd. (Abbreviated AWGS) complements our comprehensive range of advisory services, associated mainly with restaurant and hotel operations. Thanks to these services we move gastronomic restaurants, hotels and other catering operations at the level of the golden era of the Czech hospitality that the First Republic was among the globally renowned.

Your adviser will gastronomy over Petr Vopátek

Head coach of the team AWGS is a leading Czech specialist in gastronomy Petr Vopátek. Served say, Madonna or Wesley Snipes, conceived and implemented a system configuration service restaurant Nota Bene, who won the 2012 prestigious competition Czech Bar Awards, also worked at the restaurant Lautia’sav Magic Garden in Prague, managerial and organizational experience gained in the Nordsee Restaurant and in a French restaurant, La Vie Ces’t on Kampa Island. His expertise and references can be found in his personal profile.

In the field of gastronomy offer

Merge between clients AWIS Holding, a.s.

Own know-how

Knowhow is valuable information, knowledge, expertise and experience to accumulate in long-term business. Know-how is actually the most valuable thing a company can own. We will build a number of years and has been very extensive. We will transfer our experience, enabling them to avoid many mistakes and gain an advantage over the competition.

Own know-how
Custom Information System

Custom Information System

We have our own business information system that contains many other extensions, modules and sub-functions. Information includes, for example, economic, treasury, reservation, receptionist, billing, storage, control and scheduling system, or even a system for project management, recovery and customer relationship management. For more information, please visit UNIQA.

Professional meetings

We are a team of mostly young people. We are friendly, kind and communicative. Our company prides itself on high-quality personnel and review, so will not find anyone who would like to be unpleasant, distant below.

Professional meetings