Mystery shopping for gastronomy – restaurants and hotels

Qualitative research and analysis service

Are you confident about the quality of our staff? Do you think that your employees are not paid their job as they should? Or even occur to employment losses, whether it’s desired fertility and unwanted? Do you feel more and more that you lose your customers and you know why? Let us make a qualitative survey and analysis service – Mystery Shopping. Find out completely effective way to get your employees stand in the service, and what their expertise and real education. Through Mystery shopping will find but a lot more, for example, how your employees access to your clients, how they behave, whether they have sufficient sales ability, whether following recipes, rules of gastronomy, etc. Our services in the field of Mystery Shopping are focused only on the gastronomic businesses, namely restaurants, hotels, etc.

Improve the quality and level of your business

Improve the quality and level of services at the level that you would not expect. But it does not by itself. It is essential your cooperation. You also have to realize our advice and our actions proposed. If you respect all our suggestions, feel significant changes not only in their staff but also the entire business operation. About Mystery shopping in our company cares manager Peter Vopátek, which is a leading Czech specialist and uncrowned prince of modern Czech gastronomy.

Procedures for Mystery Shopping

To Mystery shopping maximally effective, it is necessary to make a perfect preparation, but also to conceal this fact from other staff. The survey itself always knows just the sponsor, ie the owner or manager of a restaurant or hotel.

Preparing Mystery Shopping

In the first phase there is a personal consultation, where we find out what your problems and what you want. Based on these consultations to prepare the plan, which was jointly approve. Subsequently we agree realization date Mystery Shopping.

Implementation of Mystery Shopping

When implementing Mystery Shopping can analyze and investigate many things and activities. To give a clear idea of how realization takes place and what all might entail, here are a few examples.

Mystery shopping at restaurant

Mystery shopping v hotelu

Analyze Mystery shopping

When all the agreed tasks, we begin with an evaluation analysis. We will prepare all the pros and cons, which we came. For example, we evaluate the behavior of operators and their gestures, communication skills, behavior and more. These data will then be used for a final evaluation, based on which you propose changes.

Design and implementation of recommended changes

The last phase of Mystery Shopping are our recommendations and adjustments that you should implement in your business. These recommendations are passed on in the form of project documentation, which explains all the procedures. Everything you also discuss in person. Subsequently, the offer also participate and assist in the actual implementation of these changes.

Merge between clients AWIS Holding, a.s.

Under the leadership of Peter Vopátka

General manager of AWGS (AWIS Global Systems Ltd.) is a leading Czech specialist in gastronomy Petr Vopátek. For example, he was responsible for the care of Lautia’s bars, restaurant Nota Bene design and implement the system setup service, which won the 2012 prestigious competition Czech Bar Awards, manipulated by celebrities such as singer Madonna and Wesley Snipes. For more information on the profile of Petra Vopátka.

Under the leadership of Peter Vopátka
I love my job

I love my job

A good relationship with my work retroreflected particular quality. We love our work literally. Not only it has become a part of our philosophy, but also our lifestyles. And we consider it very important not only in the performance and quality of services provided, but also in managing efficiency. Each contract we take for her and always try to show our customers that we are its real professionals. Never anything and we do not play friendly. We fully human and professional approach from beginning to end. Try us and see for yourself.

The experience of gastronomy

It has a wealth of experience not only in gastronomy, but also in areas that are very close to it. For we are a software company developing specialized systems and applications for the catering operation. Our portfolio includes, for example, systems designed and constructed specifically for restaurants and other catering operations – cash register software AWIS GASTRO revolutionary POS system PEXESO for touchscreens and tablets, treasury software AWIS ROZVOZ for enterprises Food Delivery, reservation and reception systems and other series modules and expansion.

The experience of gastronomy