CRM & ERP business management Uniq

CRM & ERP systems for managing the company UNIQ

Sophisticated system for companies and entrepreneurs

Run a small or large business to 250 employees? Streamline the management of sophisticated corporate system. UNIQ combines the two most important tools for successful business management: CRM for customer data management and ERP economic system.


Build your perfect PR

To loyal and bankable clients? Take care of them! Special CRM software for managing relationships with clients, offers all possibilities of working with customer data:


Simplification and acceleration of financial processes

To stay in the game? Be quick and precise. Economic ERP software contains all the tools needed to simplify and accelerate all financial processes:


UNiQ delivers comprehensive solutions business operations

Move your business on! By combining CRM software for managing client relationships with the economic system ERP solution to get a comprehensive business operations. Uniq treated most important pages business operations and you focus on its further development.


Work online and perfect support

UNiQ corporate system operates through the Internet. It supports all web browsers and a wide range of hardware:

UNiQ system management tool so you get a business that allows you to manage your business online.

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