Receptionist system not only for hotels

Universal receptionist system Uniq

In case that the inn, spa, office or sports hall, you need a clear and simple booking system. Uniq has been designed for reliable and transparent administration of all bookings ubytovacícíh devices and other types of operations.

Basic benefits clerk Unix system

Timeline reservation

Sometimes outgrown mass onslaught of guests in a confusing mess? You lost in the dates and times? Chronological order with color markings confirmed and unconfirmed reservation is no longer a dream. Uniq system allows custom color settings for perfectly understandable labeling reservation on the timeline.

A bonus is an integrated treasury

Missed you ever think that your receptionist reservation system outside the administration can do nothing? Receptionist system UNIQA will please you. It contains all the tools for financial clearance of guests. The integrated treasury allows invoice and receipt. With it you can UNIQA receptionist system used in all business sectors.

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