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Quality and proven hardware

Business services? Then I need a certified hardware and accessories for cash registers and POS systems. If you look in restaurants, hotels, shops and wholesale stores, you will find we offer POS systems, proven long-term operation. We had only the top products of the highest quality.

Ask the pros

Hesitating to purchase treasury for hotels, shop, restaurant or bar? Use our přednákupní advice and free consultation. If you are unsure of the solution, our professionals will help you choose the appropriate hardware to your capabilities and goals.

Sell complete equipment checkouts

Looking for accessories to the checkout system? To retrofit their POS hardware, secure or expand? In our shop we offer:

Wholesale hardware

Are you interested in buying regular hardware or one-time purchase more components at wholesale prices? We will offer you a volume discount. Contact us!

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Looking for small accessories or a complete POS system for your business? Are you interested in the experiences and opinions of people in the field? Visit our shop.

Hardware reports
Selected cash for specialized operations? Inspire experienced colleagues. We offer a variety of POS reports collated according to the wishes and suggestions of our clients operating businesses and shops, terraces and gardens, restaurants and bars.

Varied accessories
Still striving to accelerate and streamline financial transactions more secure or cash? We offer a wide range of equipment and accessories for a POS system. Mobile banking and payment terminals, servers, laser scanners, magnetic card readers and barcodes, POS receipt printer, termokotoučky, scales and weighing systems, customer displays, cash drawers and much more.

Customer service
For our partners and suppliers we will provide full customer service. Complaint will be filled as quickly as possible. In the event of hardware failure, we rent a replacement POS system.

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Hardware kit

In our product portfolio you can also find some predefined sets of Treasury, whose hardware we prepared according to the most common requirements of our customers. This is for example the cash intended for hardware stores and shops, restaurants and other catering establishments, for example, or special hardware systems intended for operation on the terrace and summer garden.

Hardware kit
Wide range of accessories

Wide range of accessories

Out of touch cash registers and monitors, we also offer the necessary equipment and accessories for treasury systems, such as mobile terminals, payment bank terminals, servers, laser scanners and magnetic card reader and barcode scanner, POS receipt printers, termokotoučky, scales and weighing systems, customer displays, cash and the other outlet.

Customer service

Through our partners and suppliers, we will provide full customer service of all our supplied hardware. Complaints fittings are in the fastest time. In the event of hardware failures can also be used rental Pos System.

Customer service