The system for collection of debts from people


Defaulters is increasing and it is therefore necessary to effectively defend against them. We offer you an original performance and most effective tool for recoveryUNiQ RECEIVABLES system. It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, law offices or agencies seeking to recover debts.

It offers several options

We offer you a unique online management software and efficient recovery. The system works when connected to economic or billing system (compatible with CRM and ERP Uniqa Welfare, Money S3, FlexiBee etc.) In order to obtain the necessary information about your invoices. If the system detects an invoice in arrears, we will offer you several options enforcement. Can generate up to five different degrees alerts (via SMS, email, etc.). If only a warning on the borrower does not work, the system offers fast forward. A number of links coming to the contracted law firm or company to enforce the debt. Thanks to the system it is possible to quickly and easily create pre-action reminders and other necessary documents.

The process of watching online

Uniq RECEIVABLES system for debt collection works online. Just when you will have access to the Internet and can be comfortably anywhere to watch the entire collection process. Financial side of your business you will have thanks to the absolute control of everything and you will be able to respond quickly.

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