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Yearn for news from the world of gastronomy, technology or cars? With us you do not miss anything. We select the best of the current trends in many areas. Visit some of our sites.

Are you a restaurant owner, gourmet, gourmet gastro or just an enthusiast? Visit our revolutionary portal, where you can find:

gastro magazine
Catalogue of selected restaurants and catering companies
White and Black list of employees
Jobs in gastronomy
gastro bazar and much more

You feel oregano, barely looked at the result melted cheese? Only you will see the tomato, is now looking undressing of the skin and throw in the pan? Relief his passion! Prepare the pizza according to traditional recipes and photos on the mini-site!

Looking for cleaning services and cleaning services have to offer? We run a catalog of Prague cleaning companies – Visit him soon and get information, advice, hints and tips for cleaning, hygiene and cleanliness.

Choose from more than 9000 vehicles! Target your offer to thousands of candidates! Besides the wide advertising on the portal you find:

list of car salesmen in the Czech Republic
news from the automotive industry
lists car dealerships and garages in the Czech Republic
interesting articles

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Visit other of our portals! Draw for example news:

from the world of POS systems
in information systems

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News from the world of gastronomy
Recipes and delicacies from the kitchen stork

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Are you interested in news from the world of technology, gastronomy or cars, but the information flow is too fast? Of the countless subscription picking up all the essentials. Carefully monitor new trends and clients we serve only the best of their sphere of interest.

Clients inspire us
Most articles and books that we publish, created on the basis of practical case studies and events. The main source of inspiration and information published on our portals are clients. Inspire us too!

We publish in journals
Gastro & Hotel, Dry Cleaning + or Russian magazine Deng is among the best-known journal, which provide interviews or case studies.

Other sources of information

We also operate another commercial website where he publishes regularly.

Merge between clients AWIS Holding, a.s.

We follow the trends

To be successful in your field, you need to regularly monitor trends and news related to new technologies, for example, process, laws and the like. To be kept up to speed and to recommend to our customers the best that we monitor what is happening in all our areas.

We follow the trends
Clients inspire us

Clients inspire us

A lot of our work is inspired by the our clients. They are in fact the main source of information, which then publishes on our sites and portals. Most articles and publications which issues arise on the basis of practical examples and case studies. You too can become our inspiration.

Published in the journal

Our publications are based also in journals and magazines, with whom we work closely. Examples include, for example, magazines Gastro & Hotel Cleaning + Cleaning or Russian magazine Deng. From time to time the magazine also case studies and interviews.

Published in the journal