Creating a Web site and e-shop

Are you attracted to doing business online? Create a function-shop, web portal or exactly the format you need your product.

Custom programming

Do you have a brilliant idea? Done it! Utilization of experience and expertise of our programmers have for your idea to create a functional website.

A comprehensive web content

Beware of confusing mayhem! For your site to create precise information structure in which each word makes sense.

Increase site traffic

SEO optimization is performed with respect to the target groups, to your offer finishers exactly where desired.

Websites and portals

Programming websites, e-shops and portals

To conduct business over the Internet? We create websites, e commerce, any web site or web application tailored.

We are creating a large corporate sites and sites for small business projects.
We propose an effective business strategy and targeted advertising campaign.
Continuous search engine optimization (SEO) maximize site traffic.

Custom software development

You build a unique greenfield project? Not afraid. We will prepare a special website for peace.

We prepare projects for open source systems

If you want your project to test or just looking for affordable alternative to custom creation? We will prepare your website to the Open Source system.

Creative web design

To profitable web? Treat your clients comfortable, genuine and transparent pages. The impressive appearance of our Designers associated with practicality and pages being designed so that the customer is not only focused but also returned.

The structure of the content
Do not lose clients in the information maze! Classing information meaningfully, understandably and logically we name all sites to create information structure in which the customer is lost.

Website Optimization – SEO

If you want high traffic? Do not underestimate the content area. Our copywriters will conduct an analysis of keywords, target group of potential clients, selecting the wording that they hear your dream clientele.

Merge between clients AWIS Holding, a.s.

Creative web design

We have creative designers who will create your website to the last detail. In the production of web design considers not only the appearance but also the ease of a user friendly interface. For site visitors, thus the potential customer is most important to the web and felt good on it to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for.

Creative web design
Preparation of content

Preparation of content

Prepare your website so. Information architecture that deals with sorting information. Create an overall site structure, categorize and organize all the information, but also name all the pages so that the visitor understandable and logical. Once we have prepared information architecture and site structure, venturing into the very content section.

Website Optimization - SEO

Website Optimization (SEO) starts with the preparation of the content of the site. As a copywriter starts writing the first words, first think about your target group of customers and processes detailed analysis of the keywords that will be necessary for further work.

Website Optimization - SEO